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Yoga is taught at Meraki in class or privately to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness to our guests. Designed to promote relaxation and relieve stress, our instructor will take you through poses to strengthen your body, bring peace, and connect you to your spirit.

Meraki’s beautiful surroundings will naturally inspire you to breathe a little deeper, move a little slower, and smile a little brighter. Greet the day with a warm sun salutation, get your strength on in a Power Yoga session, if you need a detox, and sweat it out in a heated class. Whether you’re a devoted yogi or yogini, or a newbie feeling inspired to inject a little self-care into your life, you’ll emerge from your practice feeling relaxed, energized, and inspired.

Some elements of Yoga sessions at Meraki are:


Seated meditation, discovering to quieten the mind through breath and focus.

Yin Yoga

Extreme relaxation with strong stretching. Poses are predominantly sitting or laying on
the floor and commonly held for around 5 minutes each.

Hatha Yoga

A slower style of yoga where postures are held for 5 breaths or more to focus on
alignment, breathing, and procedure.

Chakra Balancing

The Yin-style yoga venture is intended to adjust the body's seven chakras. Realize what their identity is and how they identify with your health and imperativeness. Interface with your internal identity; body, psyche, and soul. Take the time to ask yourself, "How might I feel?

Pranayama and Meditation

Pranayama, the antiquated act of yogic breathing, deliberately controls the breath and improves the progression of energy in the body. Custom pranayama practice increments prana (life energy), welcoming more noteworthy mental clarity, uplifted recuperating potential, and more profound self-comprehension. The classes teach pranayama techniques to fire up the metabolism, soothe the mind, balance hormones and find a connection to the deeper part of yourself. Learn how to utilize the pranayama to lead you into a more profound reflection than you have at any point felt previously.

Letting Go

Everything alive pulsates with energy. We carry the emotional energy created in our internal and external experiences – both positive and negative with us. Traumas are just there inside our bodies as physical or fiery blockages, held tightly. So we should make space to release these injuries. Using Yin-Yoga, self-reflection, and rituals, this is a journey to find surrender so we may be energy lighter, brighter, and more fully alive.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Investment: NRs. 2,000/-*

Monthly Yoga Package: NRs. 15,000/-*

*The above quoted rates are subject to 10% Service Charge & 13% VAT.
*The rates are subject to change wihtout prior notice.