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Meraki's Philosophy

“You can’t control what goes on outside, but you CAN control what goes on inside.”

In ancient days, holistic living was the simplest way of life. Individuals inherently understood the balance of nature, the ways that of the universe, and the way the elements affected their typical health and mental well-being. It had been acknowledged very well that if they achieved harmony within, they might be at peace with their surroundings. This very philosophy brought Meraki into being. Quite never before, the New Age Individual, moving on today’s fast-track path, acknowledges the need to seek out holistic remedies and retreat. Individuals are willing to travel to places that provide health and well-being enhancing opportunities. The ideas and practices of wellness tourism and sustainability have shifted from straightforward spa and leisure travel to health and wellness-focused travel.

Meraki is the hub of many holistic streams of medicine. At Meraki, we have tried to recreate the natural process of the mind, body, and soul from the proximity of the hills of the capital of Nepal, encouraging holistic wellbeing in Nepal. We mix the rejuvenating and ancient processes of Yogic sciences and philosophies with therapies and nutritional consultation, enhancing and energizing.

At Meraki, we tend to conjointly believe that every individual has distinctive preferences. Our programmes and packages are customized to fit your best interest. Individual desires and needs are assessed before the commencement of your chosen programme - through personal consultation. This is an intrinsic part of helping the individual on his/her journey to understanding the self. We tend to take a scientific approach to see the state of health, combined with subjective measures like however an individual feels, their lifestyle, purpose in life, and quality of relationships. This helps us empower our clients to take charge of their health, improve quality of life, boost energy, become additional resilient, and live a protracted, fulfilling, and purposeful life.

Meraki holds these core values as deeply held beliefs that shape each of our employee’s interactions with every guest and the community. They're a driving force that guides the holistic range of services we provide to individuals seeking to enhance the health of the mind, body, and spirit.

"Might there be a heaven
Where your soul is reborn
Your spirit heals
With the touch of divine hands
Your body rejuvenates,
Your old self is exchanged for treasure,
As you dive deep into the...
Power of Meraki!"

A Culture of Wellness

Your emotional, physical and spiritual health is our utmost priority. Meraki promotes a culture of mindfulness and well-being and supports a balanced and healthy lifestyle for our guests and employees.

Custom Offerings

With a blend of services that includes traditional and holistic experiences to nurture the mind, body, and spirit, services are custom-made to satisfy your personalized and corporate needs.

Friendly and Attentive Culture

The staff team at Meraki creates an environment of positivity and excellence in customer service by providing a warm, welcoming, and respectful wellness expertise.

Integrity and Authenticity

All of the services, practices, and interactions at Meraki operate from places of high moral standards and sound business practices. Our connections with guests are genuine, honest, and reliable. We promote an environment of respect and sincerity and reduce the stigma associated with seeking support.

High Quality Services

Our expertise with counseling, yoga, massage, and energy healing staff offers you a warm, welcoming, and respectful wellness experience. Our certified wellness coach can support your path toward overall well-being, certified yoga instructors, trained massage therapists, and highly trained energy healers to support your physical and spiritual wellness. We strive to respond in a helpful and timely manner and create an inviting atmosphere designed to amplify your well-being.


Message from Executive Director

Bidhatri Chaudhary

Dear Guests,

I welcome you to experience your bliss at Meraki-a place conceptualized and executed with love. A place where you will feel at home, where you have the luxury to delve into yourself-your mind, body, and soul. We chose the name Meraki for our Wellness retreat because Meraki means to put a part of yourself in whatever you do with love and passion. At Meraki, you will have a positive transformative and rejuvenating experience. You can transform your mind and body with utmost love, care, and adoration. Meraki experience is the one that starts from within you. We aim to provide a holistic approach combining healing therapies, yoga, meditation, healthy meals and a soothing environment tend to shift people towards a more conscious and healthier approach to life.

Motherhood has been a transformative phase of my life –juggling new roles and responsibilities. To keep my mental soundness in Check-I indulged in Yoga and meditation which was the beginning of my own Meraki experience. I reconnected with myself at a more profound level. I knew that my next chapter of change was unfurling before me. At the heart of it, I want to share this process of transformation with others.

My deepest desire is to create a warm and welcoming space where individuals can boost their well-being through an array of offerings. Carrying the legacy of our family business forward –centered on Wellness Tourism, we have launched a premium Wellness Retreat with the holistic concept in Nepal. We are living in unprecedented times and the ongoing global health crisis has shown a massive shift towards a holistic approach to wellness. Currently, there is a shift towards living a balanced and healthier life by managing the health from physical and mental wellbeing.

Healing, which used to be its central function, is often forgotten. Here at Meraki Holistic wellness retreat, we are offering an additional alternative to those who want a more personalized wellness experience. This is what we are dedicated to here: long life, vital energy, and regenerative health.

Wishing you a Meraki Stay-with love.