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Our artful, delicious, and flavory cuisines are founded to deliver an authentic, undiluted experience and have been mindfully designed to complement the effectiveness of our wellness programmes.
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Earth-to-Plate Cuisine

We take an energizing and recuperating approach to our cuisine, experimenting with new flavors and therapeutic fixings. Foods are served on the brink of their wild, using top quality, fresh and organic ingredients to avoid processing, additives, and preservatives altogether. Working with hand-picked produce from local vendors - our chef creates a thoroughly nourishing and organic dining experience tailored to each of our guests. From family-style feasting to tasting menus that pay homage to Nepalese cuisine, you can savor our natural bounty in all its colorful, curative glory.

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Plant-based Palates

All our dishes are meat-free, ensuring that even at the stage of food intake, your body is not exposed to any superfluous pressure. We live in a time when numerous individuals are antagonistically affected by mental or emotional pressure, and a sound, meat-free diet can provide extraordinary assistance in recovering lucidity and gaining clarity, strength, and vitality. We offer our guests vegan alternatives for every meal. We exclusively serve plant-based meals from our kitchen. Our extensive range of plant-based soups and salads nourishes and revitalizes your digestive system.

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Food Sourced organically

Our kitchen is dedicated to consciously sourcing ingredients grown on our adjoining property, from local farms and small local artisans and producers. The result's an exquisite farm-to-table cuisine crafted to please the palates of our guests and celebrate the abundance of the land in every bite.

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Places to Feast

A relaxed indoor and outdoor environment to come together over nourishing and sustainable food and meaningful conversation blends a playful and energetic living space and open area for mealtimes. Set in serene nature, our outdoor dining space is a calming and soothing space to enjoy delicacies.

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Liquid Elixirs

Our experimentation within the kitchen doesn’t stop at food. To accompany our high-end wholesome cuisines, we have a variety of fresh-pressed juices and smoothies. We also serve a delectable range of herbal teas that promotes balance in the mind and body.

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A Kitchen Created To Innovate

With regenerative cuisine at the core of what we do, we like to keep our food as unadulterated and organic as possible. That is why we make as much of it as we can from scratch by avoiding processed and packaged food. We also have specially customized food packages for our guests as per their wellness requirements.

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Feel Good Eating

Our chef prepares delectable foods with curative/healing properties in mind. Combining pure ingredients and memorable flavors to create unique elixirs that rehydrate, rebalance, and improve your mood, the food we serve up at Meraki Retreat will make you feel incredible. At Meraki, stevia is the sweetener of choice. Salt and healthy fats are used in moderation. We use high-quality salts such as Himalayan and sea salt. Some dishes are prepared with healthy cold-pressed oils – such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, sesame, sunflower, and other virgin nut and seed oils. Unhealthy trans-fats and saturated fats are completely avoided.