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“The culture of wellness is defined by our attitudes. But there's a distinction between good health and the absence of illness.”

Property and Landscapes

In the hills above Kathmandu, yet seemingly worlds away, Meraki Wellness is an all-inclusive retreat where inspiration is the currency and motivation is the mantra. Where acres of centuries-old forest shield from the outside world and the overall focus on integrative health and wellness knowledge guides the way to change.

Reach new heights underneath ancient trees that seemingly touch the sky. Spark inspiration during a group yoga session. Hike, bike, and wander the encompassing streets less traveled. A thoughtfully curated and holistic retreat leads to transformation and Kathmandu’s hills are just the place to kick off your inspiring journey towards change.

The focus here is on rest and connection with oneself and nature. Our retreat allows you to relax, rebalance and rejuvenate in a peaceful healing environment.

Lounge Facilities

Meraki lobby lounge is located on the 1st floor above the arrival reception and welcoming lobby space of the hotel. The lounge offers guests stunning unblocked views of the valley. It features an understated juice bar where guests can enjoy bespoke healthy mocktail juices and smoothies. The seating space is divided into two areas. Guests can choose to sit by the juice bar or on the upper platform where they can still enjoy the view. The lounge is the perfect venue for group workshops/book reading or just to unwind and lounge.