Quick Fix Weight Loss & Slimming Programme (1 month)

Nrs 70000

A multi prong approach to weight loss and slimming initiatives, from diet to spirituality and exercise to physical manipulation.

Encompasses colon cleansing, lung irrigation, HSS therapy, hydrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, pilates, wraps and massages. A great way to trim down a few inches from your belly and reshaping

Package includes:

  • 2X Colon Hydrotherapy cleansing initiative.
  • 2X Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
  • 4X Salt Helotherapy
  • 12X Hydrotherapy Circuit
  • 8X FIR Sauna & Steam
  • 10 bottles of organic pure vegetable and fruit juice.
  • 8X Low calorie lunch
  • 8X organic barley porridge.
  • 60 packets slimming tea
  • 4X Galvanic intervention
  • 2X Medical LBA Consultancy

*Subject to terms and conditions herein