Your Indulgence

Hyberbaric O2 Chamber

Immerse and bath oneself in pure oxygen. Treat your body with lavish oxygen for an energized body with renewed vigor. Helps relieve stress, jet-lag, insomnia, mountain sickness, lethargic, relieve pain, builds immunity, you name it.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Encompasses a number of alternative natural therapies of the colon. Concept is to cleanse and remove putrefied colon built up waste and reintroduce natural flora.

Salt Helotherapy

A holistic approach in aiding oxygen bioavailability to life. Cleanse and irrigates lungs with technological advanced state of art, aerosol generator. Containing at least 64 naturally occurring trace elements in their natural mineral form.

The Playground

Balancing trail to encourage and reinforce pace movement.

Lifestyle Gym

Pilates Reformer & Barrel assists to reinforce body movement and alignment.

FIR Sauna & Steam

Part of heat therapy for intensive detox and elimination of metabolic waste through passive stimulation and sweating.

Counter Current Trudge Knee Trainer

Immerse and indulge in challenging the swift flow of water jets, to stimulate and reinforce knee and leg activities. Especially good exercise for leg related ailments.

Hydro Oxygen Life Bath

According to Dr. Phillips E Schaeffer MD, hydrogen water, delivering from the latest in quantum physics and micro
energy, pioneered by Dr. Hitashi, harnesses the power of water in delivering a healthy level of revitalized hydrogen
for optimal living. It is indeed a powerful anti-oxidant, that scavenger’s destructive free radicals

Experience Shower

Pampering shower from the healing waters of Shivapuri.

Kneipp Hot Cold Water Therapy

The best of Kneipp Therapy encompasses, hot & cold dip to stimulate vascular exercise of the lower limb. Supports cardio activity.